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Automate critical communication flows

When you send critical or official documents, proper distribution to the recipient is paramount. Our solutions streamline many mailings, so you can tick them off your list. Automatically.

Invoices and reminders

Easy2mail offers a fast and efficient way to send your invoices. You can upload them individually or in bulk. They are sent automatically by e-mail to your customers or printed in color on both sides and distributed by bpost. These options include a paper return solution so you can always be sure that your invoice reaches your customer.

Payroll administration

When you are an employer, payroll administration is a critical part of your business. You want each employee to receive their pay slip on time, as suits them best, whether by e-mail, through Doccle, on paper, or another channel. And then there is the matter of archiving all those documents. Relax! With our solutions, we make your life easier by automatically processing your company’s pay slips and sending them by e-mail or bpost. And your employees’ privacy is always respected!

Customer or staff communications

Have important news for your customers or employees? Naturally, you want your e-mail or letter to be sent as quickly as possible. speos ensures that your documents are sent digitally or printed in a fully automated process with full color technology, inserted into C5 or C4 envelopes and distributed by bpost.

Registered mail

Send your important documents by registered mail with our solutions. We guarantee the sending, receipt and content of the communication. This peace-of-mind solution can be easily integrated into your current mail processes, in paper or electronic format.

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