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Accelerate the collection of your customer invoices

Electronic payment has grown exponentially in the last few years. In addition to changing their purchasing behavior, consumers have also adopted a new normal in terms of payment usage.

We build optimized payment collection processes

According to the latest Wordline analysis, electronic transactions in the first half of 2022 increased by 20% compared to the same period in 2021. Businesses increasingly understanding that to overcome the problem of late payments, they need to offer their customers a fast and effortless payment experience.

Payment solutions that fit your core business

speos offers state-of-the-art payment solutions that can be integrated into your paper and/or electronic invoices. They are designed to integrate perfectly with your business objectives and your shipping method.
You will improve your cash management, being equipped to collect payment on a specific due date, which significantly reduces overdue payments and late payments.

Enhance the user experience with integrated payment facilities

By integrating the latest payment solutions from our partners POM or Doccle, you can collect payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts. The user is redirected to a landing page that automatically recognizes the payment data on the invoice, allowing your customer to make the payment in the banking application of their choice. With these payment solutions, your customer no longer has to manually copy the payment data, but can make the payment in the blink of an eye.

Imagine 100% of payments being correct!

Manually entered payments are difficult to reconcile because the amount is often entered incorrectly, or the structured communication is missing. Sometimes the same invoice is paid more than once, which requires manual correction. Payment items that cannot be linked automatically must be processed manually, creating added cost for you and frustration for your customers.
With our digital payment solutions, each transaction can only be paid once, even if it has been used on several channels and in different payment links. speos also provides reports that allow you to compare production data with invoices, to make checking and approving invoices much faster.

Your benefits

  • Accelerated payment process

    Outbound invoices that include payment facilities are paid quickly after receipt. This has an immediate positive impact on your cash flow, as funds are collected more quickly.

  • Optimized user experience

    Your customers will notice and appreciate a frictionless customer experience. Digitization is making the public increasingly demanding; your customers expect great ease of use, even when it comes to paying bills.

  • Easier transition to digital invoicing

    The transition from paper to digital invoices is not always smooth. With a QR code on your paper invoice, you invite your customer to receive the invoice via email for later payment, thus enabling a smooth transition from paper to digital.

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