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Discover the ePOD: The digital proof of deposit for your registered mail!

As of now, registered mail will no longer be a hassle that requires proofs to be stored and retrieved physically.

With the new ePOD service, the follow-up process has been fully integrated into myspeos Track & Trace.

You can track all documents that are sent and the proofs of deposit digitally. You can now access them through the archive module and the track & trace the moment they become available.

Discover how the ePOD service makes your life easier.

What is registered mail?

Registered mail is a mail service offered by bpost. This service is used for important communication, for which the sender wants to be sure it is delivered to the addressee.

The bpost service includes:

  • Basic insurance.
  • A mailing receipt proof of deposit (POD) with legal value in case of conflict with the addressee.
  • Optionally, a confirmation of receipt proof of delivery (AR or “accusé de reception”).

Following up registered mail is not easy!

Keeping track of registered mail, especially the proofs of deposit, is a real pain today.

Sorting, storing, and retrieving these physical proofs is quite a challenge today.

speos now can offer you digital follow-up of your registered mail by integrating with bpost’s Sender Platform (SP).

This integration enables:

  • Track & Trace across the sending process through bpost.
  • A digital version of the proof (ePOD and eAR) for each individual registered mail.

The advantages of this new service

  • Myspeos Track & trace provides a complete digital follow-up for your registered mails.
  • Digital proofs become available in real-time and in one place.
  • Notifications when these digital proofs become available in the archive.
  • Easy retrieval based on addressee info or document metadata instead of manual handling (document name in the file name).
  • Follow-up information and the proofs can be accessed through myspeos, blended into your own system through API or delivered on a dedicated sFTPserver.
  • It can be swiftly set up based on your custom application and resolves the hassle of following up and retrieving proofs.

How does it work?

Discover the video that explains how this new service facilitates your registered mail operations.

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